In demand: A reliable MG

Take a famous car badge, put it into Chinese ownership, and what have you got?

The best value used car in the country.

That’s what.

So let’s say a big well done to the Shanghai-based Chinese state-owned automotive firm SAIC Motor.

They’re the owners of MG Motor UK Limited, of Longbridge, Birmingham.

MG built classic cars such as the MGTC, MGA and the MGB, which I once owned.

I’ve said before that every time I went out in the MGB I didn’t know where I’d be staying that night.

That’s how regularly it broke down.

When it went well it was wonderful, and rare.


When it broke down it was normal.

No wonder its final owners, Rover, went bust.

Now look at it (main picture). It’s a bit different.

Described as: “A subcompact crossover SUV,” by used car specialists ChooseMyCar it may not bear any resemblance to the sports cars of the past, but it’s just been named their best value used car in the UK.

ChooseMyCar looked at the average sold price and mileage of hundreds of thousands of cars to compile their Top 10.

They say: “The two most important things to look for when buying a used car are the asking price and the number of miles on the clock.

“But which models provide the very best value when we take both factors into account?”

The Top 10 is below:

top 10

ChooseMyCar also used Google search volume to determine which are the UK’s most in-demand second-hand cars at the moment, with over 100,000 searches every month.

That title went to the Kia Sportage.

ChooseMyCar say: “This is one of the most popular mid-size SUVs on the market and it also turns out it’s the most in-demand used car out there.

“With 6,000 searches for ‘Used Kia Sportage’ every month it just edges out the ever-popular Ford Fiesta.”

The Top 10 Most In Demand are below:

In demand

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