One of life’s mysteries

Want a cheap car to insure?

Who doesn’t. Especially when it’s one of these.

That’s right, it’s a Mazda MX-5, which has been named the cheapest car to insure in the UK, just ahead of the Fiat 500 and giant Volkswagen California.

How can this be? Admiral don’t explain, but then go ahead to tell us all to concentrate and be careful when we start driving again after lockdown.

Great. I was planning to drive like a maniac.

California dreaming

Why a £23,530 MX-5 is cheaper to insure than a £9,880 Dacia Logan or even a £55,339 California is a mystery that can only be explained by an actuary.

And as actuaries spend their entire lives studying statistics they must be so boring it’s not worth asking.

I’m happy to leave it as a mystery of the universe.


Dacia Logan