If you want a good deal on a car, avoid …


Because if you think electric cars are expensive in Britain, think again.

The UK is actually the 13th cheapest place in the world to buy an electric car.

That’s the result of a study by CompareTheMarket of the cost of electric cars in 49 countries all over the world.

Using the world’s top selling electric car the Nissan Leaf, above, as a price test, CompareTheMarket found that the cheapest place to buy one is Spain.

You’d have to travel to Réunion, in South America, where the second cheapest works out at £22,100.


In the UK it’s currently £26,345 but if you’re unlucky enough to live in Singapore. a humble Nissan Leaf will set you back a staggering £84,866.

Blimey, you could save yourself £35,116 by picking up a Leaf in the world’s second most expensive country, Thailand.

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