Soul of the party

How could the Kia Soul EV not be my Car of the Year for 2020?

You’ll find the answer to that if it’s still here in this slot at Christmas.

I suspect that it will, because even by then there won’t be anything to beat it for the money.

Fair enough, you can get a Tesla with a bigger driving range, but it’s going to cost twice as much as the delightful Soul EV.

Predictions for cars with a long driving range remain fairly gloomy.

Website CleanTechnica said at the end of 2018 that 275 miles wouldn’t be achieved as the industry average until 2022.

A few months the Kia e-Niro arrived, with a range of 282 miles, and it was quite rightly my Car of the Year for 2018.

The progress of hybrid cars has been so dramatic that the Toyota Camry took my Car of the Year title in 2019, but with the Government bringing forward the end of combustion engines from 2040 to 2035 their life expectancy has been dramatically limited.

That puts the ball firmly back in the court of fully electric cars and CleanTechnica predict that by 2028 the average range will be 400 miles.


That’s an awfully long time to wait and, by then, surely hydrogen cars will be most people’s choice, especially as Toyota and Kia’s owners, Hyundai, currently lead the way.

As always, electric cars’ high cost and finding somewhere to charge them is the biggest hurdle.

If the progress with electric charging points is as painfully slug-like as it is at the moment, what chance have hydrogen stations got?

So for now, it looks like another big cheer is due for Kia.

The Soul EV has got the same motor and battery as the e-Niro, so gets the same 282 mile driving range.

And, wait for this, I’ve actually found a hotel near my son’s house 225 miles away in Macclesfield that’s got a whole four charging points in the car park.

Yes, I know that’s not many but it’s more than the none offered by the Premier Travel Inn (April, 2020) and its car park for around 60 cars.

I’ll be visiting my son soon and staying at the new hotel.


Isn’t that obvious?

I’ve bought a Kia Soul EV.