West Yorks

Naughty boys capital

While this picture of West Yorkshire countryside looks beautiful, the area hides a secret …

The county is home to an incredible four of the top five places in the UK for the nation’s worst drivers.

In Britain’s worst town, Halifax, one in six of all drivers have got points on their licence.

That news comes courtesy of car suppliers and financiers ChooseMyCar.

And it means that Halifax stays at the top of the naughty table since the figures were last published in September, 2019.

Halifax’s record of shame compares to a national average of just one in seventeen drivers.

While Halifax is host to being home to Britain’s most offensive drivers, West Yorkshire filled four out of the five top places in ChooseMyCar’s chart, with only East London squeezing in to save them from more embarrassment.


The goody-two-shoes title goes to Swindon, in Wiltshire, followed by Milton Keynes, Bucks, and Canterbury, Kent.

Just over 2.5 million of the UK’s 34 million drivers currently have at least one point on their driving licence, with motorists racking up 10.6 million points between them.

Check out how your town fared in the bumper 12X top 10, below.

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