Credit where it’s due

What do you use to clear ice off a frozen windscreen?

The most common device is a credit card.

And why not? They work surprisingly well. I prefer to use my JPMorgan Chase Palladium card, but when I can’t find it I choose whatever comes first out of my wallet.

That’s usually an American Express Centurion Platinum card or a Dubai First Royale Mastercard, both below.

I find them so much more comforting that common credit cards.

InsureTheGap’s survey showed that the top 10 methods used, when no scraper is nearby, are:

1 Credit cards (34%)

2 Hands with gloves (28%)

3 Car heater and heating windows (23%)

4 Hot water (23%)

5 Bare hands (11%)

6 Spatula (9%)

7 Broom (7%)

8 CD (5%)

9 Alcohol (2%)

10 Dustpan (2%)

Other items drivers use include: “The Husband”, “The Wife”, a plank of wood, breathing on it, a hairdryer on extension cable, a fan heater on an extension cable, an umbrella and screen wash.


InsureTheGap also asked drivers what they carry in their car during winter. The 10 most popular are:

1 Scraper (75%)

2 Torch (55%)

3 First Aid Kit (54%)

4 De-Icer (47%)

5 Winter clothing (gloves, jackets, scarfs) (43%)

6 Blankets (29%)

7 Shovel (20%)

8 Emergency food and water (breakfast bars, tinned food) (8%)

9 None of the above (5%)

10 Bag of sand/salt (3%)

Other things that people keep in the car during winter included chocolate, mobile battery pack, sleeping bag, spare medication, winter boots, antifreeze and screen wash, tow rope, warning triangles and hi-viz jackets, jump leads and water.

InsureTheGap’s Ben Wooltorton said, “It is always worth having a scraper with you, but if you do forget, we hope that our research will prevent you from shattering your windscreen by using hot water, or scratching your paint with a broom, CD, or umbrella.”

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