Haggis, whisky and … bargains!

The Scots may have a reputation for being tight fisted, but guess where is the best place to buy a used car in Britain?

That’s right .. it’s Edinburgh, above, the capital of Scotland.

In fact Scotland takes three of the top five places in a study by AA Cars, the AA’s used car website.

Edinburgh has the best combination of choice, prices and low mileage and is one of three Scottish towns to fill the top five places.

The other two are Paisley and Stirling, with Liverpool sliding in at second place and Wakefield taking fifth.

AA Cars took the average price, mileage and age from cars in 40 towns and cities across the UK.

Towns were ranked according to the lowest price, age and mileage to create a total score, the lowest of which topped the list.

Used tabbe

The results also showed that Luton is the cheapest place to buy a used car, but its low prices are accompanied by the country’s highest average mileage.

In Edinburgh the average asking price for a used car is £11,223, with the average car listed for sale having only 24,946 miles on the clock. Used cars for sale are on average four years and two months old, and the combination of these factors propelled Edinburgh to the top of the best value league table.

Paisley, near Glasgow, has the lowest average used car age, at just four years, while the average price in Paisley is more expensive than Edinburgh at £11,589, but the average mileage is also low at 24,495.

Luton, in Bedfordshire, is home to the least expensive vehicles at £7,741, but the price is brought down by the average mileage, which at 65,402 is the highest among the 40 towns and cities analysed by AA Cars.

AA Cars’ CEO James Fairclough said: “Our snapshot of the used car industry shows there are some areas of Britain where drivers can get added value out of their purchase.

“Travelling a few extra miles to buy a car can be particularly beneficial for making savings, or finding less widely-available models.”

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