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Not so fine

Are people in Manchester always in a hurry?

Maybe they’re trying to get to the nearest letter box to catch the post?

Of course. That’ll be it.

They wouldn’t think about air quality? Ha! Mancunians don’t care about that. They’re too busy polluting the air by blasting through the streets.

Safety of pedestrians, school children and other drivers? Another ha! They don’t worry about that, either.

Why should they when they’ve got so much money they can afford to pay all their speeding fines?

That’s right. Speeding fines. That’s why they’re racing to catch the post before their penalties get doubled for being late.

Manchester, if you haven’t guessed, has been named Britain’s speeding capital in a Freedom of Information answer given to online car parts provider, Car Parts 4 Less.


The area’s number of speeding offences rose by 3% over the figure for 2018/19 to a wallet busting 124,103, costing a total of £3,413,300.

In London the figure actually fell by 8%, to leave the capital in second place on 121,483 tickets.

Mind you, if you think Manchester’s speeding increase is bad it’s nothing compared to Surrey.

The number of nutters charging around the leafy Home County countryside rocketed by a lunatic 21% for Surrey to claim third place in Britain’s hall of shame with 90,018 offences.


If you feel the need to live in a safer and less polluted place, try Durham, where goody goody Geordies clocked up the lowest number of speeding offences, at just 4,961.

Second place in the list of jolly good drivers went to Gwent in south Wales with 8,050 cases.

Car Parts research shows that 52% of UK drivers admit to speeding on 30mph roads, while 46% break the limit on motorways.

Car Parts said: “Exceeding the speed limit is always dangerous, but at this time of year when weather conditions are treacherous and there are more vehicles on the road, it’s even more important to stick to the limits.

“Always remember to give yourself plenty of time to complete your journey, and phone ahead before setting off if you think you’re going to be late.

“Speeding poses a serious threat to both you, your passengers and other road users. It is never a risk worth taking.”

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