Audi’s don’t care car

Can’t wait to blast the atmosphere with a huge dose of CO2?

Well now you can with an Audi RS 6 or RS 7.

Strangely, though, while Audi know everything about this car, they haven’t mentioned its emissions.

It’s on sale now, as an Avant (RS 6) or Sportback (RS 7).

There are four models to choose from, RS, Carbon Black, Vorsprung, and Launch Edition.

I’m staggered that Audi have made no mention of their emissions whatsoever because all models use mild hybrid technology.

Audi say the hybrid system is “to save fuel” and that’s it.

Instead, they’ve concentrated on the RS’s startling power and acceleration figures.

They must have held a stack of meetings where, ludicrously, they came up with the decision not to tell anybody about the car’s emissions?

I’ll bet at least 30 people were at those meetings and not one had the guts to stand up and say: “Tell the truth.”

So don’t worry about the air we’re all breathing because if you don’t care, you probably won’t be worried about spending £92,750 on an RS Avant, rising to £113,550 on an RS 7 Sportback Vorsprung.

Its 4.0-litre V8 twin turbo produces 600hp and 800Nm (590lb) of torque to hammer occupants from 0-62mph in 3.6s and 0-124mph is 12.0s on its way to a variably limited top speed of 155 or 174mph depending on how much you spend.

There. Now you know how fast it is. Big deal.

Don’t even think about our weird weather, horrendous fires, floods or melting icecaps.

Just go out and have fun.

While we can still breathe.