Sweeping statement

Suddenly everybody wants a small car.

So say vehicle finance firm Close Brothers, who report that 2019 was the year when small cars were “swept off the showroom floor.”

That’s because people are looking for cheaper and greener cars.

Close say: “More drivers than ever are paying attention to the fuel type of their car, as features like boot size, number of doors and colour slip down the list of priorities.

“As we accelerate into 2020, we can expect to see electric vehicles in higher demand, particularly as 40% of buyers are considering an EV as their next car.

“A quarter of hybrid and electric drivers are buying their cars for the status, reflecting the shift toward greener alternatives.”

The top 10 cars financed in 2019

1 Ford Fiesta.

2 Volkswagen Golf.

3 Ford Focus.

4 Land Rover.       


5 Vauxhall Corsa, above.

6 Mini.

7 Vauxhall Astra.

8 Audi A3.

9 Nissan Qashqai.

10 Audi A4.

Top 10 main considerations when buying a car:

1 Price (71%).

2 Fuel type (51%).

3 Economy (50%).

4 Engine size (50%).

5 Mileage (46%).

6 Number of doors (46%).

7 Manufacturer (37%).

8 Boot size (37%).

9 Colour (28%).

10 Ease of getting in and out (27%).