The gloves are off

My first, and only, experience of wearing driving gloves is one that I’ll never, ever, forget.

I don’t know where I got them from, but they were cheap nasty little black and white checked affairs.

And they were plastic.

Of course, being a childish 17-year-old without any sense of what’s cool and what’s not I thought they were great.

That’s why I was wearing them when I drove home from the pub one winter’s night, shortly before Christmas, in my mum’s blue Hillman Imp.

What a great car that was.

Anyway, as I turned right into the road directly outside my dad’s house my hands span round the steering wheel and the car went straight ahead into a lamp post.

It was a freezing night and the gloves had got wet from the ice that built up on the Imp’s black plastic steering wheel.

The resulting noise from hitting the lamp post was made worse when it fell down.

On top of that the smell of petrol coming out of the Imp’s front-mounted petrol tank was more than a bit scary.

That was when my grandmother opened her bedroom window to find out what all the fuss was about.

I don’t think she’d heard language like that for a long time.

These memories flooded back to me when I read a Press release from Italian luxury goods maker Outlierman, of Naples.

It was about their new “hand-crafted GT Driving Gloves”, described as: “Exclusively created for the modern driver and revealed in time for Christmas.”

They’re proper leather gloves for the sort of person who drives an open top and usually historic sports car.

Not a Hillman Imp with a plastic steering wheel.

Outlierman say their gloves have a: “Distinctive design incorporating the highest-quality Italian materials and intricate techniques only achievable by the very best craftspeople.

“Hand-made with Nappa lambskin and single-string cotton crochet to create the ultimate in comfort and luxury goods maker, they utilise a traditional sewing technique, crafted by the last few artisans skilled at this method in Italy.

“Passionately designed and manufactured by the best Italian seam-masters, the world’s finest Nappa leather GT Driving Gloves are now on sale.”

The Outlierman collection can be found here: