C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid

Citroën have concentrated on the best part of owning a hybrid car to tempt buyers with this.

It’s the new C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid, described as “the technological flagship of Citroën’s electric offensive”.

So what’s the temptation that Citroën have focused on?

It’s the sheer serenity of driving a hybrid.

Trouble is, Citroën go and spoil the joy of silence by shouting the word at us.

SERENITY, they scream in big capital letters, before going on to explain what it means:

“A calm and peaceful journey in electric mode at the wheel, in a tranquil atmosphere with minimal noise, bumps or vibrations.”

Thanks for that. It needed explaining to a dolt like me.

In a Press release around the same length as a Wembley seating plan Citroën go on about the C5’s “Advanced Comfort® programme, with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions®, Advanced Comfort seats and 19 driver assistance systems.”

They add: “New C5 Aircross SUV enters yet another new phase in offering outstanding serenity, with the introduction of a plug-in hybrid variant.”

Oh, it’s serene, why didn’t you say that earlier?

And don’t forget, Citroën call it: “New C5” without the word “the” because that’s what trendy Press offices have been doing since the mid 90s.

That’s 1990s, not 1890s.

If you want to break the serenity a bit more Citroën shout that the C5 is UNCOMPROMISING, offers a HIGH-END DRIVING EXPERIENCE and is INTUITIVE. Phew.


Whatever, if you want a car with a 31-mile electric driving range, CO2 emissions of 39g/km and fuel consumption of 166mpg (WLTP): “New C5 Aircross combines technology with competitive running costs.”

Made at Rennes and with a 180hp 1.6-litre petrol engine combined with a 110hp electric motor the C5 produces a combined total of 225hp.

You can pre-order new (yawn) C5 Aircross SUV Hybrid now from £35,340, but you won’t get it until mid summer.

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