Brave new world

If this is the shape of the future I’m looking forward to it.

It’s called the SPACE VIZZION1 but unlike the car, which shows a lot of imagination, makers Volkswagen have cursed it with a name that is ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

Why do they do that? Do they treat every customer like a five-year-old?

The Vizzion1 (that’s better), say VW, has zero emissions, maximum versatility and defines a totally new, fully electric car segment.

Precise openings in its front and roof section reduce Cd value and increase range up to 360miles (WLTP).

It is the seventh in a series of ID. cars called the (cover your ears) SPACE VIZZION, CROZZ1, BUZZ1, VIZZION1, BUGGY1 and ROOMZZ1.

It makes its first public appearance at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 19.

The Vizzion1, say VW, is a wagon of tomorrow that combines the aerodynamic characteristics of a Gran Turismo with the spaciousness of an SUV.

VW head of design Klaus Bischoff said: “So far, with our ID. family, we have shown what is possible with electric vehicles in each known car category.

“With the Vizzion1 we have created a new, fully electric segment.”

Inside the car there’s a completely new pattern of intuitive usability with its fully digitized cockpit.

Its materials are consistently made from sustainable raw materials such as the new AppleSkin™, an artificial leather made with a proportion of residual matter from apple juice production.

The Vizzion1 is no concept car but a study for the future.

A production vehicle will be made for late 2021, and will come in different versions for North America, Europe and China.