All aboard the all electric

This is the Black Swan … the first all-electric passenger boat powered by “second life” batteries.

What’s it doing in a web site built around cars? I hear you ask.

Simple, its been designed by Seine Alliance in partnership with Renault and Green-Vision.

So it’s a Reboat?

Not quite, but its lithium-ion batteries are refurbished units previously used in Renaults.

The Reboat, sorry Black Swan, uses two electric motors to deliver two hours of cruising after a two-hour charge.

The first production models are due to go into service soon after Christmas … as pictured above on the River Seine in Paris, of course.


The, er, Black Swan is the first step towards Seine Alliance’s commitment to an all-electric river cruise fleet by 2024.

It carries up to eight passengers and pioneers the use of lithium-ion batteries that have already had their “first life” –in a car.

After being reconditioned they are used to power a pair of 20kW electric motors that allow two hours cruising, while a full re-charge takes two to three hours.

The Black Swan is based on an existing craft built by Italian firm Tullio Abbate.

Originally powered by a traditional internal combustion engine, it features four “second life” batteries housed in specially designed, water-tight stainless steel containers beneath its bench seats.

The batteries and motors together weigh 278kg, less than the combined total of the original fuel tank and engines.