Toyota Camry Design Hybrid

Will the Toyota Camry Hybrid make it to next January still clutching my Car of the Year (so far) award?

Hmm? That’s impossible to predict. There isn’t a car maker around now that doesn’t produce a motor that’s got so much wrong with it that it almost writes itself.

Books like Car-tastrophes, by me and Honest John, have become an impossibility to come up with, such is the brilliance of modern motors.

Now, with the outlawing of combustion engines and the arrival of electric cars getting nearer, manufacturers are coming up with new ways of cleaning up the world’s atmosphere every day.

In 2019 the focus is on hybrid cars, and that will continue throughout 2020, with them getting more and more efficient, using less fuel, producing higher pollution free ranges and, sadly as far as I’m concerned, more autonomous features.

Nobody can be sure what will arrive first, the complete ban on combustion engines, or the first totally autonomous vehicle.

I suspect it will be the latter, but for now it’s the Camry that’s setting the hybrid target.

It’s only just the Car of the Year (so far) because the competition is so brilliant.

For now, though, it’s the best.

Well done, Toyota.

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