Black with rage, green with envy, or a yellow peril?

Looking for a smart second-hand motor?

Then you’ll want one like this, above.

To be honest … no, you won’t.

Instead of making a show you’ll want a boring black one.

Why? Well black wouldn’t be my choice because black, believe it or not, shows off the dirt like no other colour.

Personally, I’d go for white because white cars hardly ever need cleaning. No, honest, they don’t.

Black recently lost its place as Britain’s favourite new car colour to grey, another shade that seems to have captured the nation’s imagination.

Hmm? That doesn’t say much about people’s dreams and hopes.

Ten years ago the most popular colour was silver, but now that finds itself in fifth place.

There is hope, though. While black cars are the most popular used car choice, buyers search for white cars most of all, shows research by the AA’s used car website.

White has made a steady rise through the ranks in the past 10 years. In 2009, it barely made the top seven, securing just a 1.5% share of car sales.

By 2014, this had risen to 13.9% and it now has a 20.3% share in 2019.


Here are the seven best-selling main car colours of 2019 so far on the AA Cars platform, followed by their percentage of sales:


And here are the 10 most-searched for car colours of 2019 so far on the AA Cars platform, followed by their percentage of sales:


James Fairclough, CEO of AA Cars, said: “Colour clearly makes no difference to a car’s performance, but since a vehicle is likely to sit outside a person’s home or workplace every day, aesthetic considerations still play a big part in many drivers’ decision-making process when they buy a used car.

“It’s surprising that silver, once the most popular colour, has fallen so far behind black and white. White cars especially have become incredibly popular in recent years, so much so that they have a large market share and even top drivers’ searches on the AA Cars website.

“Style, make and colour are big determining factors when it comes to buying a used car.”

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