Bentayga 1

Bentley Bentayga Plug-in Hybrid

Here’s the chance to drive a Bentley with a clear conscience …provided you’ve got £166,375 to spare.

That’s because the Cheshire-based company have now started selling the Bentley Bentayga Plug-in Hybrid.

And considering that it’s a giant of a car that weighs close to 2,500kg, its official WLTP emissions of just 79g/km are terrific.

Does this mean that Bentayga owners will dump their hugely polluting luxury limos and prove that they don’t deserve that couldn’t give a damn about anyone but themselves image ? Let’s hope so.

Described by Bentley as: “The ultimate grand tourer,” this Bentayga may: “Offer a serene and luxurious driving experience,” but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fast.

After all, speed is a given with a Bentley.

In fact, the “World’s first true electrified luxury car” hits 0-62mph in a sizzling 5.5s on its way to a top speed of 158mph.

A plug-in hybrid, it combines a new 3.0-litre V6 turbo with an electric motor to give an instant response.

Its computer system automatically calculates the most effective use of hybrid power and uses on-screen graphics to show the maximum remaining range in pure EV mode.

It uses an E Motor as both an electric engine and power generator and its Permanent Magnet Synchronous system offers 94kW peak power and 400Nm (296lb) of torque.

Combined torque is 700Nm (518lb) and its battery is capable of recharging in 2hr 30min.

With three hybrid drive modes the Bentayga Hybrid has a total driving range of 464 miles and an All Electric range of 24.2 miles (39km), making it ideal for cities.

Show me a blindingly quick 2.5 tonne car that returns 80.7mpg with emissions of 79g/km and I’ll show you a car that takes 130 hours to build in Crewe, England.

First UK and Europe deliveries should start next month, followed in America in the first quarter of 2020.