Panda Trussardi1

Panda Trussardi

If you think I’ve chosen this article and these pictures for any other reason than the appreciation of excellence and style then you’re clearly, er, wrong.

It’s simply Fiat’s way of acknowledging the work done by top Italian fashion house Trussardi.

Simple as that.

Fiat have joined forces with the iconic style supremos to create the Panda Trussardi.

It’s a limited edition Panda that brings together two brands which have made history in their respective industries, showcasing the best of Italy.

Fiat Centro Stile and Trussardi designers collaborated on the design and accessories of the car to reflect the personality of Panda and the Italian fashion house.

The Trussardi Greyhound symbol can be seen on the rear quarter light, in the centre of the alloy wheels and on the side mouldings, while other exclusive style details, including the black roof bars, mirror caps, 15-inch alloys and skid plate further set this model apart.

There’s a choice of colours, but surely this one is perfect.

It’s called Caffè Italiano Brown, and is available in either a matt or metallic finish, and it beautifully sets out the style of this car.

On the inside, Trussardi lettering embellishes its exclusive mats, seat belts, door panel inserts and seats.

Black techno-leather seat inserts are embellished with brown stitching, while the dashboard also sports a new Caffè Italiano Brown finish.

The Trussardi logo takes pride of place in the centre of the steering wheel.

The Panda Trussardi comes with a 69hp 1.2-litre petrol engine and 5-speed manual gearbox.

Fiat President Olivier François said: “Today we have the first luxury Panda, the Panda Trussardi.”

Fashion house CEO Tomaso Trussardi added: “Trussardi was the first Italian brand to take fashion to the general public by organising shows in city squares and in locations close to the people.

“We have always created products with a unique design and today the Panda is wearing the Trussardi style.”

Want one?

It’s on sale now at £14,060 and I wouldn’t hang around because it is, indeed, special.

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