Bark if you like it …

It seems blindingly obvious that a would-be buyer wanted to know if he could take a test car home to see if his dog liked it.

Why not? Dogs have feelings too.

Or that another customer wanted to know if a Ford Mondeo was big enough to hold a coffin.

Oh okay, it’s all a bit odd, which is why these are the top two in a list of the 10 oddest questions faced by on-line auto shopping site CarGurus.

While most people ask about price and payment terms, CarGurus has faced questions like would a car hold a tuba, long bow and arrow.


Someone wanted to know if they’d get their double bass into it and another was keen to find out if the rear shelf of a Toyota MR2 could be modified to hold a baby seat.

Another asked if a car could be taken for months at a time without payment as an extended test drive.

Others CarGuru questions include being asked to transport cars hundreds of miles away so that the customer can view it in person.

And it’s not uncommon for used car dealers to be asked to deliver cars as far away as Malta, Nigeria and even Australia.

Chris Knapman, Editor of CarGurus, said: “When searching for and purchasing a car it’s important to know it’ll meet your requirements, however unusual they might be.”


The top 10 is:

1 Will a coffin fit in the back of a Ford Mondeo?

2 Can I take the car home to see if my dog likes it?

3 Can you convert this to left-hand drive?

4 Would you take animals or property as payment?

5 Can I check the chassis number to see if it’s lucky?

6 Can I take my 80-year-old wife for a test drive to scare her?

7 Can you fit it with a radio and tape deck?

8 Can you deliver it to Australia?

9 Can you put the seats down to find out if I can sleep in the back?

10 Can you fill it with balloons and put a bow on it?

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