Motorpoint Sheffield

Generous northerners

Why is the picture above taken in Sheffield?

Obviously it’s to prove that the image of Yorkshire folk as being tight fisted is totally wrong.

Here’s another way to explain this article.

Why is the picture below, of a different Motorpoint sales court, taken in Glasgow?

Motorpoint Glasgow

Now re-read the second paragraph, but replace the word Yorkshire with Scotland.

Got the idea? Good. It’s to illustrate the fact that UK folk can’t all be branded stereotypes.

And people from Yorkshire and Scotland have been known to fall into the category of tightwads. How unfair.

It’s also to show that 20% of UK motorists would happily pay £10 a month to park at work if the money was donated to charity.

That’s the result of web-based poll by Motorpoint.

The result shows how difficult it is to find somewhere to park in packed out Britain, and it also contained the rider: “In return for a reserved parking space at work.”

Ah! A reserved parking place? It’s a wonder that just one in five of us agreed to give money to charity for that kind of reward.

The result followed the launch by Motorpoint of its own Charity Parking Scheme that will see staff at the company’s HQ raise £5,000 a year for one of the company’s charitable partners over the next 12 months by agreeing to pay £10 per month per person for a reserved parking space.

Motorpoint CEO Mark Carpenter said: “It’s great to see motorists recognising the value of supporting charity parking and we would definitely encourage more drivers to work with their employers to establish such schemes in their workplace.

“The cost is relatively modest but the benefits to local good causes can be considerable and have the potential to make a difference to the less fortunate in our society.”

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