Honda e

Isn’t this cute?

It’s Honda’s new electric car and they’ve come up with a great name for it.

And no, it’s not Blossom or Daisy, it’s e. Plain and simple.

I can imagine people scratching their heads in Yorkshire and saying: “E bah gum! That’s a bit different.”

The letter e, of course, denotes the fact that it’s electric.

Luckily no one else has thought of it because by the year 2040, when petrol and diesel engine production is banned, there would be millions of cars called the e. Actually, there probably will be by then anyway.

The er, e is, say Honda: “Designed to meet the needs of customers looking for an EV to suit their urban lifestyles,” and indeed it is.

It’s also: “The next step towards making 100% of Honda’s European automobile sales electrified by 2025.”

Trouble is, as I’ve said before, it’s no good making electric cars if there’s nowhere to charge them.

That’s why the e’s range of 136 miles looks sensible.

Not only will it suit people’s “urban lifestyles” it’ll be more than enough to get most people to work and back before they charge it up at home.

The e comes with a choice of two high-power electric motors with either 136 or 154hp, both with impressive torque of 315Nm (233lb).

Given a fast-charge (good luck on that one) its 35.5kWh battery recharges to 80% capacity in 30 minutes.

On the road, and with rear wheel drive, it delivers what Honda call: “A sporty and connected feel,” with 0-62mph coming up in around 8.0s.

If you study the pictures carefully you’ll notice that it hasn’t got any door mirrors. That’s because they’ve been replaced with a side camera that sends live images to two six-inch screens inside the vehicle.

Pop-out door handles also help its seamless look.

Inside there’s a five-screen full-width digital dashboard containing two 12.3-inch LCD touchscreens which can respond to voice commands and: “Uses unique contextual understanding to create natural conversations and provide access to a range of online services.”

A Honda Personal Assistant is activated by saying, “OK Honda”, followed by the question or instruction. Machine learning enables the technology to develop a greater understanding of an individual’s voice over time, in order to deliver more accurate responses.

The Honda e is also accessible using a digital key, allowing the car to be locked and unlocked using only a smartphone application.

Priced at £26,160 or £28,660 for an upgraded Advance model, including the £3,500 Government grant, and with first deliveries around March, customers can make a reservation for priority ordering online in UK, Germany, France and Norway.

You can do that here: