Halifax tops towns of shame

Halifax has swept past Bristol to grab the title of being home to Britain’s worst drivers.

That’s the result of a study of Department for Transport (DfT) figures by Vantage Leasing.

Bristol held this coveted crown for most of the year according to the last figures but now the West Yorkshire town has grabbed the glory by having he highest share of motorists with penalty points on their licence. 

Of the 111,820 licence holders in Halifax, a whopping 9.62% were found to have at least one point on their driving record.

In fact, towns and cities in the North have a high proportion of poor drivers, with Bradford being home to the second highest share of points holders in Britain.

As of March 2019, 34,455 motorists in Bradford have been caught by cameras and the police for breaking the law, representing 9.46% of the driving population.

Drivers in Huddersfield have the third highest share of offences racked up, at 9.04%.

In contrast, Canterbury is home to the UK’s best drivers, with just 3.72% of the Kent town’s licence holders having penalty points on their record. 


 The DfT data shows there are 2,711,493 motorists in Great Britain with penalty points, accounting for 6.65% of the total driving population.

However, a significant number of motorists have racked up 12 points or more – the limit before drivers face a potential disqualification.

As of March 2019, there were 11,021 motorists with 12 or more points on their licence.

 London is home to the highest number of 12+ point offenders, with 969 drivers. Birmingham is second at 393, while Peterborough has the third highest share of serial offenders.   

The highest number of points on record is 60, belonging to a 41-year old male in East Sussex. The worst female driver is a 25-year old woman with 48 points on her licence, living in Nottinghamshire.

Vantage Leasing Managing Director, Rob Walker, said: “Interestingly, the top three areas of with the highest number of points holders are very close to one another. What is also worrying is that there are more than 11,000 drivers with 12 or more points on their licence, with some of them still potentially on the road.” 

Top 10 postcodes with the highest number of drivers with penalty points

Postcode Number of Penalty Point Holders Number of licenced drivers Share of drivers with penalty points
Halifax (HX) 10,758 111,820 9.62%
Bradford (BD) 34,455 364,162 9.46%
Huddersfield (HD) 16,593 183,465 9.04%
Bristol (BS) 61,761 719,724 8.58%
Doncaster (DN) 44,786 524,470 8.54%
Wakefield (WF) 29,403 350,953 8.38%
Leeds (LS) 41,823 504,336 8.29%
Luton (LU) 20,137 247,286 8.14%
Slough (SL) 24,734 307,502 8.04%
Harrogate (HG) 8,785 109,682 8.01%

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