Mazda MX-5 30th Anniversary Edition

I have to admit to being a bit confused by Mazda’s description of the new MX-5 30th Anniversary Edition.

Thirty years after the car was revealed at the 1989 Chicago Motor Show Mazda chose the same event to unveil the latest car.

I hope you don’t think this was the bit that confused me because that’s actually quite fitting.

Nor was Mazda’s announcement that just 3,000 cars will be produced globally and, because the UK is one of their biggest markets, nearly 20% of those – 550 – are destined for Britain.

Obviously that didn’t throw me either. I even worked out that it’s 18.45% of the whole total. That’s how stunningly brilliant (and obviously modest) I am.

No, this is the bit that foxed me, because Mazda added: “The 550 cars will consist of 370 convertible and 180 RF.”

What? I’ve no idea what RF means. Can you fathom it out? Unless you work for Mazda I hope not.

A bamboozled Motormouth turned to Mazda’s collection of 44 pictures for help, but without success, then returned to the Press release and finally found the answer near the end.

There it was, in the pricing details: “Marked out by its black two-tone roof, the Retractable Fastback RF is £29,895, while the convertible is £28,095.”

So there you have it. Mazda may have sold more than a million MX-5s during the past 30 years, but I’ve never heard of it being called an RF before.

What else is new? This vivid Racing Orange paint job is added to its standard choice of white, blue and red, it features forged aluminium Rays wheels, a 30th anniversary badge displaying the model’s serial number, unique orange brake callipers plus, for the first time in the UK, Brembo front brakes.

On the inside, the anniversary feel continues with orange accents on the seats, doors, dashboard, steering wheel, air vents and gear lever, while Recaro seats and Alcantara trim on the doors and instrument panel add a sense of exclusivity.

The 30th Anniversary Edition also features Apple Carplay and Android Auto as standard.

As with all 2.0-litre 2019 Mazda MX-5s, the 30th Anniversary gets the new 184hp version of the Skyactiv-G engine, a six-speed manual gearbox, Bilstein dampers, strut-brace and limited slip differential.

Mazda’s UK boss, Jeremy Thomson, said: “In the three decades since the launch of the original model, more than 130,000 MX-5s have been sold in the UK.

“This is a sports car that has resonated with enthusiastic British drivers ever since its debut.”

Not for me though. I’d love an older one but I wouldn’t want one a new one, even a 30th Anniversary.

Why not? Because I prefer my cars to come with a little bit of extra luxury.

Like a glove box and door pockets.