BMW M8 Competition

It may do 0-62mph in 3.2s and 0-124 in 10.6s but the BMW M8 coupé is a big let-down for me.

For that matter, so is the convertible, with figures of 3.3 and 11.1s.

Why? That’s simple. Neither is anywhere near as quick as I expected.

My advice? Settle for spending £98,350 for an M850i coupé or £107,100 for a convertible because it’s not that much slower, but it is a hell of a lot cheaper.

At £124,435 the new BMW M8 Competition Coupé will lighten your wallet by an extra £25,085 and the convertible, at £130,435, is another £23,335.

You’d expect to get a bit more than an extra half a second to 62mph and 1.8s to 124mph along with the same limited 155mph top speed for that much money.

Fair enough you can reset the speed limiter to 189mph, but that means spending another £2,250 for an extra called a Driver’s Pack.

The M8’s 4.4-litre V8 double twin scroll turbo engines now produce more power, at 625hp against 523hp, but the torque figure of 750Nm (555lb) remains the same.

When the M850i was launched late last year its performance was so astonishing everyone was thinking: “Oh my God, how fast will the M8 be?” Now we know.

Would I pay an extra £25k for half a second?

Only if it was with John Lennon, Muhammad Ali and Elizabeth Taylor.