GT main

McLaren GT

No wonder McLaren call their new GT a “classic Grand Tourer”.

That’s because: a) that’s what GT stands for, and b) it’s more than Grand. At 15ft 5in (4.7 metres) long it’s absolutely massive.

Still, if you want to dominate the road in the best possible way this is the car for you, provided you’ve got £163,000 to spend. Order one now and it should be with you “by the end of the year” say McLaren.

It sits beside the existing Sports, Super and Ultimate Series of McLarens as “the first true Grand Tourer” in the range.

So apart from its size how else would it dominate the road? Well I reckon a 620hp 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 with 630Nm (466lb) of torque should help.

With what McLaren call “seamless and relentless acceleration” it defies its size by hitting 0-62mph in 3.2s and 0-124mph (200kph) in 9.0s on its way to 203mph.

Yeah, that sounds dominating enough.

GT rear

Despite, being made of carbon fibre and being kitted out with every high tech piece of kit in the world (plus Nappa leather, of course), McLaren strangely follow up its mind blowing power delivery figures by saying that its rear luggage bay, accessed via a front-hinged, full-length glazed rear electric tailgate, has a luggage capacity of 570 litres. That’s enough room for bags as well as golf clubs or skis.

Aah, but what if you decided to ski down to the golf club? Hmm, then you’d have to leave your bags behind.

I’ll leave the last words to McLaren boss Mike Flewitt: “The new GT combines competition levels of performance with continent-crossing capability, wrapped in a beautiful body and true to McLaren’s ethos of designing superlight cars with a clear weight advantage over rivals.

“Designed for distance, it provides the comfort and space expected of a Grand Tourer, but with a level of agility never experienced before in this segment. In short, this is a car that redefines the notion of a Grand Tourer in a way that only a McLaren could.”

It’s not for me, though. They never mentioned my golf trolley.