Fiat 500 Star and Rockstar

How much do you think it’ll cost to turn your Fiat 500 into a star?

The answer is £3,230, but if you want to get heavy and turn it into a rock star that’ll cost an extra £170.

I’ll forgive you if you’re thinking: “What the hell is that idiot blathering on about now?”

Maybe I should explain myself. Fiat have brought out two new versions of the lovable little 500, and they’re called Star and Rockstar.

Now, when you consider that the range begins at £12,165 for a starter Pop spec car, you can turn it into a Star for an extra £3,230, because a Star costs £15,395.

See what I mean? Not so mad after all, am I? The Rockstar costs an extra £170 because it’s £15,565.

In what Fiat call “a stylish update for summer” all 500s, from second tier Lounge trim upwards now come with a Uconnect 7-inch HD LIVE touchscreen radio – which has Apple CarPlay support and is compatible with Android Auto – as standard.

The Star, described as “the epitome of elegance,” features a new metallic Powder Pink paint job perfectly matched with chrome details, 16-inch alloys and a fixed glass roof as standard.

If pink’s not your scene it also comes in Bossa Nova White, Tech House Grey, Crossover Black, Electoclash (don’t ask me) Grey, Avantgarde Bordeaux, Groove Metal Grey, Epic Blue and Urban White.

On the inside there’s new upholstery in two colour combinations, white sand and black, or Matelassé finish with techno-leather details and bordeaux embroidered 500 logo.

The dashboard, which until now was only available in matching body colour, can now be chosen in one of the two new shades – matt white or matt Bordeaux. In the centre, digital instruments stand out in a standard 7-inch TFT screen with sat nav. A convertible version raises the price from £15,395 to £18,045.

The Rockstar is what Fiat call “a car with personality that stands out in the city.”

That means bumpers and side sills from the top spec Sport model and the choice of an additional new matt paint job called Portofino Green.

Its seats feature pinstripe fabric centres, edged by side panels with grey or blue details and finished in black eco leather. Rockstars also offer two new dashboard colours – matt dark green and matt grey.

The matt green dashboard features grey details, while satin graphite versions features blue. A convertible raises the price from £15,565 to £18,215.

To mark Fiat’s 120th anniversary an exclusive Fiat playlist on Apple Music, entitled “120 Years of Songs”, has been created. Launched in March, the playlist will grow to reach a total of 120 songs by July, in time for the official anniversary of the Fiat 500.