Should I sell it?

Want to know how much your classic car is worth?

Then take it to the inaugural Bicester Heritage Super Scramble on Sunday June 23, where you can get it valued.

While you’re away watching the events and admiring the hundreds of classic cars at the show, a team from classic car insurers and valuation specialists Hagerty will inspect and photograph your car at the Valuation Arena.

Once valued each owner will receive a full report by email, along with photographs, providing an accurate valuation of their vehicle (in the current market) which can be used when selling, for insurance valuations or simply as a great addition to a car’s history file.

More than 40 inspections will be undertaken on the day with each valuation charged at £15, all of which goes to charity. All types of vehicle are eligible, the only rule being that each vehicle must be registered prior to (and including) 1995.

Angus Forsyth, Hagerty’s Managing Director, said “Our valuation arenas at Bicester Heritage have always proved very popular.

“By scaling up the numbers and allowing owners to park their cars in our exclusive car park, they can enjoy the whole event while the hard work of valuing their vehicle can be done in the background. It’s a win-win experience for participants.”

Following the Super Scramble, the famous Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional takes place on July 20 at the Claydon Estate in Buckinghamshire. Details here:

Entry into Hagerty’s Valuation Arena is only available to people attending Bicester Heritage for the Super Scramble.

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