Signs of the times

Don’t be disappointed if these road signs leave you confused.

Most puzzle British drivers, plus there are a few that we should know.

Surprisingly the side wind warning sign is the most recognised, with 93% of people questioned in a survey by Click4Reg getting it right.

But frighteningly 62% failed to identify the no entry sign.

Most incorrectly guessed sign was No 1. If you want to know what that means, and the rest, see the answers below:

1 With-flow bus and cycle lane.
2 With-flow bus lane ahead which cycles and taxis can also use.
3 Minimum speed.
4 No entry for vehicles.
5 Recommended cycle route.
6 Turn left.
7 Cycle route only.
8 Level crossing without barrier.
9 No stopping.
10 No waiting.
11 Keep left.
12 Side winds.

Source: Click4Reg